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About Explain the Pain

Meet Brett Quave, MD

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 51 million people – more than 20% of US adults – suffer with chronic pain.  Pain can impact virtually every aspect of a person's life. Our vision at Explain the Pain (ETP) is that every person suffering with chronic pain will possess the knowledge and tools that will help them live an engaged and fulfilled life despite their pain.   


A person could spend countless hours researching information and reading articles online trying to find answers for their condition. Sometimes it's hard to discern what information is legitimate and backed up by medical research and evidence.  At ETP, we have attempted to bring this information together for you and present it in an easy to read and organized fashion.  We also acknowledge the medically respected and reputable sources for the information we are presenting.  We will ever strive to be the #1 go-to source of reliable, up-to-date, and practical information for people on their pain management journey. 


Dr. Brett Quave, MD, ETP's founder, is an Anesthesiology Pain Management Specialist who is also board-certified in Lifestyle Medicine. He has worked with chronic pain patients for over 2 decades and has found that a comprehensive approach utilizing medications, procedures, and lifestyle approaches is the most effective way to help patients reach their goals and return to a full life despite chronic pain. By subscribing to ETP you will gain instant access to information, that when thoroughly applied, will very likely improve your pain and improve your life. 

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